What Is Ovation? 

Ovation is an online review management platform which allows healthcare providers to streamline and manage their practices’ online reviews from a centralized dashboard. With Ovation, you can easily encourage happy patients to leave an onine review using SMS and email messages, while getting a second chance to address negative feedback from unhappy patients before they share their experience online. Ovation also offers many additional features and benifits as outlined below.

“85% of patients choose doctors based on online reviews”

The Power Of Ovation

Below are the 21, 30 and 90 day results for 3 practices currently using Ovation. No matter how bleak your online reputation may seem, Ovation can quickly take you from zero to hero.

Bring TPCA To The Top Of Search Results

When searching for healthcare provider 98% of patients choose a doctor on page 1 of Google’s search results. With that being said, a business’ Google star rating is the 2nd most important factor used by Google to determine how high, or how low that business ranks in their organic search results. This means that more quality reviews equal more online exposure, and more opportunites for TPCA practices.

Google’s New Star Filter Is A Game Changer

Google users now have the option to filter out local healthcare providers based on their Google star rating. What does this mean? This means that if your practice has less than a 4-star rating there is a very good chance that you will be out of the game before it even starts.

Ask For Feedback From All Of Your Patients

Ovation makes it easy to send text messages to your patients requesting feedback about their visit once they have left your practice.  Once the patient opens the text message they are given the opportunity to rate their experience by clicking 1-5 stars. Unhappy patient’s who click 1-3 stars are forwarded to a page where they can go into detail about what went wrong during their visit and their feedback will be immediately emailed back to your practice for instant problem resolution. Happy patients who choose 4 or 5 stars will be redirected to an online portal where they can easily post an online review to the review sites that matter the most.

Get More Reviews On The Sites That Matter Most

Ovation gives you the ability to direct patients to 250+ mainstream review sites and social channels. You can easily change where you are sending reviewers with the push of a button. This gives you the ability to maintain a stellar online reputation across the web.

Instant Problem Resolution

Recieving instant feedback from your unhappy patients is critical in discovering breakdowns within your practice. Many healthcare facilities send out patient surveys, but discovering problems weeks after the fact does very little to console those who have had a negative experience. Ovation instantly emails your practice negative feedback when a patient clicks 1-3 stars, and conviently organizes the details in your Ovation dashboard.

Manage All Review Activity From A Single Dashboard

Ovation pulls all of your practice’s online reviews from across the web into a centralized dashboard where you can easily manage, review and respond from a single location. Managing your patient’s online feedback has never been easier.

Publish Positive Reviews Directly To Your Website

Ovation leverages your practice’s 4 and 5-star reviews by automatically streaming them to any page on your website. This makes it easy to showcase your positive reviews to existing and potential patients. This will show that your doctors are not only doing a great job, but that patient feedback is important to your practice.

Share Positive Reviews To Social Media

Today, creating consistent and powerful social media content is an important key to any practice’s success. Ovation allows you to automatically or manually publish 4 and 5-star patient reviews to your practice’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This increased visibility will help attract potential patients and drive new appointments.

“Ovation gives a voice to the happy majority of your patients.”

Custom Alerts To Monitor Online Review Activity

Ovation is constantly monitoring all of your practice’s online review profiles across the internet. Set up instant alerts to notify admins of any new review activity, which will keep you at the forefront of your practice’s online reputation. This simple solution allows you to proactively respond to patient feedback online, reinforcing your number one focus…patient satisfaction.

Weekly Online Reputation Bill of Health

Ovation’s monitoring system collects data from review sites across the Internet to create and distribute detailed weekly reports to your admins on the health of your practice’s online reputation. Your weekly reporting will help keep your practice up to date on the success of your online review campaign.

Can We Show You More? 

Ovation is has been proven time and time again across multiple industries. Our solution is robust, powerful, yet inexpensive. What would be a good time to schedule a quick 12 minute online demo?

Anthony Brock

President & Co-Founder