Three Stars Doesn’t Say “Stellar Service”

A recent Google update now allows users to filter local businesses based on Google Review Ratings. Google users can now choose to only view service options with a minimum star rating of their choosing, often immediately pulling businesses with low ratings from consumer’s search results.

How Ovation Reviews Can Give Your Business A Cutting Edge

Ovation Reviews is an online management platform that integrates with most businesses management software to send automatic text and email prompts requesting client feedback. These automatic texts, or emails, immediately determine client satisfaction regarding their recent experience with your business. Ovation Review’s process then filters out unhappy clients, routing their feedback back to you for problem resolution, while happy clients are directed to a portal where they can share their great experience on 250+ online review sites. Ovation Reviews is also fully responsive on mobile devices, making the process easy for anyone to complete.

72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Share The Good News On Social Media Accounts

Anytime a 4 or 5-star review is left for your business, Ovation Reviews will automatically create and publish posts to your business’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. This powerful feature eliminates the work for you and immediately let’s your followers know that you take service and satisfaction seriously.

Get More Reviews On Sites That Count

Reviews don’t start and end with Google. Ovation Reviews can access virtually any niche review site, allowing you to point clients toward the review sites that help your business the most. This will ensure that your business maintains an excellent online review profile across the web.

Manage Your Complete Online Review Portfolio In One Place

Ovation Review’s one-stop dashboard gives you an overview of your business’ complete online review portfolio. By accessing all of your ratings from across the web in one centralized dashboard, you can easily monitor, manage and maintain all aspects of your online reputation.

“Ovation Reviews makes online review managment simple and easy.”

57% of consumers will visit a local business website after reading a positive review.

Showcase Client Reviews On Your Website

Ovation Reviews automatically pulls 4 and 5-star reviews and streams them to your business’ website.  An Ovation Reviews expert will help customize your campaign with a website widget that can be placed on any page of your website.  Let existing and future clients know that your patron’s feedback is of the utmost importance to your business.

Receive Instant Alerts For Review Activity

Ovation Reviews monitoring system constantly tracks your business’ review activity on 250+ rating sites and sends alerts each time a new review is posted. Immediate alerts allow you to address client feedback almost as soon as they leave it.

Regular Reports Keep You Updated On Progress

Ovation Reviews shares regular updates on your business’ online portfolio using information across relevant rating sites to form a custom report. Categories reported include:

  • Overall Average Rating
  • Ratings Distribution
  • Review Volume & Distribution
  • Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time
  • Individual Review Details

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