Three Stars Doesn’t Equal Premium

Your business can’t afford to be labeled mediocre. In a recent Google update, a new search filter allows users to select what local businesses are shown in results based on their Google star rating. By using this feature, users are able to weed out businesses with poor review ratings, without even realizing what companies are being eliminated from their search.

Ovation Reviews Offers Complete Online Review Managment

Ovation Reviews is an online management platform that can help generate new reviews, monitor existing and future online ratings and address client feedback in a timely manner. Ovation Reviews requests online reviews from ALL of your clients, using a simple “star satisfaction” method to filter unhappy clients back to you for problem resolution, and directs the happy majority to an online portal where they can easily leave an online review with the simple click of a button.

“88% of internet users read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business.”

Highlight Positive Online Reviews On Social Media

Social media is powerful and greatly impacts business. Ovation Reviews can help generate new content by automatically creating and publishing posts for all 4 and-5 star reviews to your insurance agency’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This seamless solution keeps your website relevant and lets the community know why they should by their policies from you.

Direct Your Clients to Preferred Review Sites

Did you know there are more than 250 online rating sites? Ovation Review’s management platform isn’t limited to Google; we can open a portal to virtually any existing niche review site, offering you the ability to point reviewers toward the sites where client feedback matters most.

Consolidate Client’s Reviews In One Place

Ovation Reviews streamlines client reviews from all relevant rating sites and organizes them into one centralized dashboard. Now monitoring activity, managing and addressing client reviews is simple, efficient and most importantly, less time consuming.

“Turn you existing insurance client’s feedback into a powerful marketing engine.”

A Robust Online Review Profile Can Help Your Agency Climb To The Top Of Google’s Search Results.”

Turn Your Agency Website Into A Live Testimonial

A recent poll showed more than 88% of people trust online reviews from strangers as much as personal recommendations. Each Ovation Reviews campaign comes with a custom website widget, giving you the option to display your great ratings on your website. This widget can be placed on any page of your site and will automatically highlight your agency’s 4 and 5-star reviews – simply reiterating your mission to client satisfaction.

Instant Alerts For Online Review Activity

Ovation Reviews constantly monitors your business’ online review activity on 250+ review sites, and sends you instant alerts each time someone leaves a review. This allows you to address your customer’s feedback in a timely manner.

Detailed Reporting To Keep You Informed

Ovation Reviews will will gather your review information from ALL relevant review sites, and generate custom reports showing your dealership’s online review progress.

  • Overall Average Rating
  • Ratings Distribution
  • Review Volume & Distribution
  • Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time
  • Individual Review Details

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