Does Your Google Rating Accurately Represent Your Establishment?

A recent Google update added a new search filter that allows users to screen businesses based on ratings. Users can now choose to only view local businesses with a rating of their choosing, easily eliminating businesses with poor ratings from the Google radar.

The Key To Success

Ovation Reviews is an online management platform that seamlessly integrates with your PMS/CMS. Using an automated text or email; our process collects and filters guest’s initial feedback, directing unhappy customers to management for problem resolution, while happy customers are sent to a portal where they can easily leave positive online reviews. Ovation Reviews is also mobile ready, so users can use any device to complete the process, making online reviewing easier than ever.

A one-point increase in a hotel’s average user rating on a 5-point scale makes potential customers 13.5% more likely to book that hotel.”

Instantly Share Guest’s Positive Reviews on Social Media

Ovation Reviews automatically creates and publishes posts for all 4 and 5 star reviews to your establishment’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will help you create consistent and powerful social media content, showing the world what a great host you are.

Get More Reviews For Any Niche Rating Site

Our online review management platform isn’t limited to acquiring positive Google reviews. We can open a portal to virtually any niche review site, offering you the ability to point guests to the sites that would help your business the most.

Monitor All Online Reviews In One Place

With Ovation Reviews, you can collect and view all online reviews in one place. Ovation’s dashboard lets you easily monitor and respond to guest’s reviews, making the process of online review monitoring extremely simple.

“Ovation Reviews is changing the way you interact with guests. “

“More than one third of consumers will not book a hotel room without reading reviews first.”

Show Potential Guests Your “A” Game

Ovation Reviews leverages a business’ 4 and 5-star reviews by automatically streaming them to any page on your website. This shows potential guests your dedication to impeccable service by highlighting how important their feedback is to your business.

Never Miss Another Review

Ovation Reviews constantly monitors your business’ online review activity on over 250 review sites and instantly notifies you anytime there is online review activity. This automated process allows you to proactively address customer feedback.

Stay Updated With Detailed Reports

Ovation Reviews gathers information from relevant review sites to generate custom reports showcasing your establishment’s progress in several categories, including:

  • Overall Average Rating
  • Ratings Distribution
  • Review Volume & Distribution
  • Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time
  • Individual Review Details

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