Dwayne Layne’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Dewayne Layne’s CDJR currently has a 3.7 Google star rating. The six surrounding CDJR dealerships average a 4.2 Google star rating. This is costing you car deals and service tickets every month.


“59% of auto shoppers choose a dealership based on reputation.” ~ DealerMarketing.com-2017

Dwayne Layne’s North Cascade Ford

Dewayne Layne’s N. Cascade Ford currently has a 3.8 Google star rating. If you were to get North Cascade’s Google star rating over 4.0 you would own the only two Ford dealerships in the area above this important benchmark. This will increase your opportunites in service and sales.

You could even base an advertising campaign around the fact that your Dwayne Lane Ford stores are the only “customer certified” dealerships in the area.


“95% of car buyers actually start their vehicle search online.” ~ DealerMarketing.com-2017

Dwayne Layne’s Skagit Subaru

Dewayne Layne’s Skagit Subaru currently has a 3.7 Google star rating. The five surrounding Subaru dealerships average a 4.5 Google star rating. 


Your Subaru store only has 53 total reviews on Google, so Ovation could help you get to the top of the pack in a relativlely short amount of time.


“80% of car shoppers read online reviews” 

~ DealerMarketing.com-2017

How Ovation Can Help

Ovation is an online review management platform which can seamlessly integrate with your dealership’s DMS, automatically sending texts or emails to your customers to gain critical feedback regarding their visit to your sales or service department. Our 5 star process then filters out unhappy customers and emails their feedback directly to you for problem resolution, while happy customers are directed to a portal where they can easily leave a positive online review with the click of a button. Ovation is also mobile-ready, making the process easy for anyone to use. Generating online reviews has never been so simple.

87% Of Car Buyers Said Online Review Sites Helped In Their Dealership Selection Process.”

Sharing Reviews To Social Media

Ovation automatically creates and publishes posts for all 4 and 5-star reviews to your dealerhips’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. This simple solution will help create consistent and powerful social media content, allowing your business to show the world what a great job you are doing.

Get More Reviews For Any Niche Review Site

Ovation’s online management platform isn’t limited to Google. It can open a portal to virtually any niche review site, offering you the ability to point customers to specific rating sites that your dealership needs the most help on. This precision helps your dealership maintain a stellar online review profile, attract new customers and increase revenue.

Moniter All Your Reviews In One Place

You can finally view ALL of your dealerships online reviews in one place. Ovation’s dashboard allows you to easily monitor and respond to your reviews without breaking a sweat.

“Ovation gives a voice to the happy majority of your customers.”

90% of service customers said online review sites helped in their dealership selection process”

Stream Great Reviews To Your Website

Each campaign comes with a custom animated widget, automatically pulling 4 and 5-star reviews from ALL relevant review sites for easy viewing on your dealership’s website.  With more than 87% of dealership customers claiming online reviews helped their selection process, it’s important to prominently display great customer feedback.

Instant Alerts For Online Review Activity

Ovation constantly monitors your dealership’s online review activity on 250+ review sites and sends instant alerts each time someone leaves a review. This allows you to proactively address your customer’s feedback and resolve any potential issues regarding dissatisfaction.

Robust Reporting

Ovation gathers information from ALL relevant review sites to generate custom reports showcasing your establishment’s progress in several categories, including:

  • Overall Average Rating
  • Ratings Distribution
  • Review Volume & Distribution
  • Aggregate Reviews & Ratings Over Time
  • Individual Review Details

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